Memorial Day Murph details

Nick Prohaska
May 22, 2024
Memorial Day Murph details

Join us this Memorial Day to remember and honor!

Every year on Memorial Day the KCI community gets together and we'd love to see you this year too!

Choose from 2 workout times - 8:00am or 9:00am

We'll be cooking, so stay around post-workout for some eggs and bacon! Bring your own recovery drink to cheers!

Murph WOD & Scaling

For Time:

-1 mile run

-100 pull ups

-200 push ups

-300 squats

-1 mile run

Common Scaling Options: 

Half Murph or partner Murph-perform half the work for time

Quarter Murph-perform a quarter of the work for time

Substituting sit ups or DB bent over rows-full, half or quarter

Substitute biking or rowing for the run


Classic = 20 rounds of 5 Pull Ups, 10 Push Ups, 15 Air Squats

Mini Sets = 33 rounds of 3 Pull Ups, 6 Push Ups, 9 Air Squats (+ 1 round at the end of 1 Pull Up, 2 Push Ups and 3 Air Squats

One Shot = No partitioning 100 Pull ups, 200 Push Ups, 300 Air Squats

Push Up Saver = 20 rounds of 5 Push Ups, 5 Pull Ups, 5 Push Ups, 15 Air Squats

Murph Background

Memorial Day is a reminder of the sacrifices inherent in protecting and providing the freedoms we celebrate here in the United States.  For CrossFitters, Memorial weekend is generally celebrated with the Hero workout Murph. Murph, named after Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy, is viewed as a rite of passage workout in CrossFit.  


Unlike other CrossFit workouts, completing Murph isn't about crushing your time or competing or even finishing the workout as written. Murph exists as a reminder of the actions and sacrifices of men and women like Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy. Completing the workout as a community is our way to honor Memorial Day and pay tribute to the men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country.  

Michael Murphy was a Navy SEAL who was awarded the Medal of Honor after being killed in action in Afghanistan. While conducting operations in the mountains of Afghanistan, his team was discovered by enemy forces and ended up outnumbered in a firefight in the extreme and mountainous terrain. As he and his teammates all suffered major injuries, including mortal wounds for most of the team, Lieutenant Murphy fought his way out of cover and into open ground to transmit his team's location and call for support. Lieutenant Murphy purposefully left cover and relative safety for open ground to call for help and in the process was mortally wounded but continued to engage the enemy until he was finally killed. In Lieutenant Murphy's team, there was only one survivor, Marcus Luttrell. Luttrell's story, and the story of that operation, is told in the book Lone Survivor and the movie with the same name.

Murph is a CrossFit Hero workout which Murphy himself would regularly do. Murphy called it Body Armor and it was the same workout we know and love today.

We hope to see you at KCI on Memorial Day! 

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