Daily Brief 5/12

Mon, 11 May 2020 20:13:14 +0000
March 16, 2023
Daily Brief 5/12

Tuesday 5/12

Re-opening KCI

Equipment Return: Wednesday 5/13 from 7:30am-9am & 2pm-4pm. If you plan on returning to classes we are asking you to return your equipment this Wednesday so we can be ready to go Friday morning! Please contact Nick if you need other arrangements.

Zoom Workouts:

6:30am Breath Clinic

7:30am Guys Coffee Break

4:00pm CrossFit

Zoom Meeting ID


Zoom Password: 21159

Daily Fitness Challenge:

Side Planks today! Accumulate 8 minutes in Side Planks! Can you do it in 4 sets or less?!

Inspiration & Action:

“True behavior change is identity change. When your behavior and identity are fully aligned, you are no longer pursuing change. You are simply acting like the type of person you already believe yourself to be.” — James Clear

How to apply this principle in 5 minutes today: Bad habits develop and persist, in part, because of poor systems. The cookies are easy to grab (and they are always on the shopping list). Or it’s easy to always be too busy to work out. The problem isn’t your willpower or motivation, it’s your system that is working against you. Any time you set a goal, make sure to set a system based goal, not an outcome based goal. “I will lose 10 pounds this month” is not a good goal. “For the next 30 days, I’ll use a smaller plate for dinner and not go back for seconds.” is a lot more effective. Goals must focus on a system and not an outcome. “I want to drink more water” is also ineffective as a goal. It’s a nice thing to desire, but not something tangible. “I will set a 10oz glass of water beside my bed at night and drink it immediately as I wake up” is a far better goal. Analyze your goals. Write down the goals you have and see if they are system based or outcome based. It will only take 5 minutes. And if you need some guidance crafting better goals – just reach out!


NEW VIDEO! Hip Mobility Assessment

NEW VIDEO! Hip Mobility Exercises

Whiteboard Sessions:

Define & Achieve Your Goals

Uncover Your “WHY”

Motivation & Momentum: Why you don’t “feel motivated”


Dad Joke Battle #2

Dad Joke Battle #1


Make today awesome!

Nick Prohaska

KCI CrossFit

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