KCI CrossFit Values: Week 4

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March 16, 2023
KCI CrossFit Values: Week 4

So far we’ve brought you 3 of our Values here at KCI CrossFit.  If you haven’t read the articles, you can find them here:

WEEK 1: Be Persistent

WEEK 2: Have Integrity

WEEK 3: Be A Champion

This week we want to introduce the final value: 

Be a Catalyst

We sincerely care about each other.  Cause others to be more energetic, friendly, and enthusiastic.  

Catalyst:  noun; cat·a·lyst ˈka-tə-ləst

: a person or event that quickly causes change or action

Lighter fluid is a catalyst.  Sure you can start a fire with a just a spark and some tinder, but to accelerate the fire you want to add lighter fluid!  Your attitude in the gym can be the lighter fluid someone else needs! Encourage your fellow athletes.  Inspire them to have better technique, work harder, be more friendly, or cheer each other on as they finish their workout.  They have the spark, you bring the lighter fluid, and together great things can happen!

It’s not about being introverted or extroverted either.  Being a catalyst is as simple as caring for the other people in your group.  Maybe you are a catalyst for one person, or maybe for the whole gym.   If you can positively impact one person with your attitude – you are a catalyst.  Just as a the spark can lead to a flame; the attitude you bring to the gym will lead to personal growth and change for you and others.  Cultivate your attitude every day! 

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