Spirit of the Open – 2021

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March 16, 2023
Spirit of the Open – 2021

Here are Spirit of the Open nominees from the KCI Open 2021

If you were present during any of these moments, you’ll remember the atmosphere and energy! If this is your first Open, this will give you a taste of what it means to have the Spirit of the Open!

What you’ll notice about these stories – people going above and beyond and displaying Gratitude and Grit. The Open is about stepping outside of your comfort zone & challenging yourself and others!

Krysten– Tearing both her hands during the C2B’s, she kept going and even attempted some bar muscle ups!

Ashley P.– She’s never done a pull up in a workout before, and chose to do the workout Rx! And 9 months post-baby, she did all 30 T2B and then attempted C2B’s! Even though she didn’t get one, she was successful at getting 7 regular pull ups!

Daryl- Daryl did the workout Rx – and that is a huge deal! He worked his butt off the entire time!

Aimee– Aimee completed all 3 workouts at home! She’s been doing at-home workouts for a year now and has made some amazing improvements!

Carmen– After getting her first C2B in a workout, Carmen stuck with it and got all 30 reps!

Amy– Going into the workout, Amy wanted a T2B personal record, and she crushed it! She even powered through her C2B pull ups!

Angel – Angel had one of “those” weeks but she came in and gave 100% effort during her workout, finished under the time cap, and it was inspiring!

Faith -With her kids and family by her side, mama-to-be Faith absolutely crushed 21.2! Love to see the determination and grit from the KCI mamas!

Paul – After getting a great score scaled, Paul mustered up the courage to perform the workout a second time-this time RX! We all know what it’s like to enter that pain cave and Paul did it not once, but TWICE!

Pat – Pat wants to do the right thing always. Before the workout, Pat asked how he could help his team out the most – and the answer was to do the workout Rx – well he surprised himself with how much he could accomplish and was beaming with excitement!

Lindsey – Lindsey needed a push to be convinced she could do the RX version of 21.2 and it wasn’t easy for her. She trusted her coaches, her body, and pushed herself for the betterment of the team!

Tami – Tami helped judge and count reps at the 5:15am class and during FNL – and then she did the workout on Sunday to do the workout solo! Sacrificing for her team and inspiring others!

Micah – Trusting your coach can be unnerving, especially when the coach asks you to do something you’ve never done before. Micah trusted her coach and completed the workout after never before doing a DB snatch with 20#, and she completed 150 of them in the workout! Truly the Spirit of the Open!

Barb – Barb represents so many positive qualities of the Spirit of the Open: hard-working, positive, coachable and gracious. We are thrilled she decided to compete in her first-ever CrossFit Open and even more proud she FINISHED the scaled version of 21.2!

Stephanie – during one of her first wall walk attempts, Stephanie fell flat on her face, brushed it off and kept going!

Tyler – not only did Tyler do this workout solo in his garage – but it was his first CrossFit workout in an entire year!

Ally – Pretty new to CrossFit, and not a skilled jumper, Ally had to be convinced by her coach to do the workout Rx and attempt double unders. Not only did she get her 1st DU, she got 50 of them in the workout!

Erik – Erik came in for class after working a 12 hour shift, tired as you can imagine. Well, he was the last person and completed the workout solo in his own heat. Not only that, but he got a PR on his DU’s!

Bridget – Bridget also came to the gym after a 12 hour shift, and convinced one of her teammates to come to class with her, dressed completely in theme! She also got a PR on her DU’s!


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