Daily Brief 4/24

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March 16, 2023
Daily Brief 4/24



KCI Daily Brief

What’s happening “at” KCI CrossFit: Friday 4/24:

Tomorrow’s Zoom Workouts:

-6:00am MOBILITY w/ Christine

-9:00 Social w/ Nick

-3:00pm KCI KIDS w/ Christine

Daily Fitness Challenge:

Video record yourself doing 5 air squats. Then, either send the video to a coach to help you with technique or analyze the results for yourself. How good are your squats?….

Inspiration & Action:

“Lifestyle is both the poison and the medicine.” – @thefootcollective

How you can apply this principle today: Write down these Lifestyle Choices, and then rank them each from 1-10 (1 is not good. 10 is fantastic)

Workouts Recovery Nutrition Sleep “Vices” Mental Health Stress Finances Relationships Family Career

Now, the one or two that are “poisoning” you (aka the lowest numbers) are the areas you should focus on for the next 60-90 days. What does your “medicine” need to be? Who do you need to ask for help? What resources do you need? Secondly, the one or two that you rank as a 9 or 10 now becomes a topic of conversation with friends and family. Ask them how they are doing with those areas. Offer encouragement. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish in the next 3, 6, 9, 12 months!


Motivation & Momentum: Why you don’t “feel motivated”

Sand Volleyball Registration!

The Sandbox is planning on starting league play on May 17th. Who wants to sign up for a KCI “recreational” team on Sunday nights?! Let’s get our team together by May 1st! Contact Nick ASAP if you’re interested


Dad Joke Battle #1


The tools you need to succeed!

Live @ 5 on Facebook

Every night at 5pm we go live on the KCI Member’s Forum to discuss tomorrow’s workout. Just like a traditional whiteboard session, we go over scaling and modifications and give you an opportunity to ask questions! Tune in 7 days a week!

Make today awesome!

Nick Prohaska

KCI CrossFit

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