Health: Sickness, Wellness, & Fitness

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March 16, 2023
Health: Sickness, Wellness, & Fitness

What does “Being Healthy” mean? Have you ever asked yourself that question? What does it mean to be healthy today, but also, what does it mean to be healthy in ten years, twenty years, or more?

Health has to be more than something you “feel” or how you look in the mirror. Feelings change. How you see yourself in the mirror changes too. Remember those middle school or high school pictures (you know the ones – really awkward)? You thought you looked so cool!

To have any true meaning, it has to be objective, measurable, and quantitative. How do you define your health and fitness?

In CrossFit, we have a clear definition of Health that uses a continuum that ranges from “Sickness” to “Wellness”, and “Fitness”

If you have 0% muscle mass, you would be considered “sick” (and essentially dead). However, if you have a little bit of muscle mass, you might be considered average, or “well”. But what if you were “fit?” What if you had a higher than average amount of muscle mass? (side note – obviously this could be taken to an un-healthy extreme as well – too much muscle mass wouldn’t be good for you)

Consider your body fat. There’s a “fit”amount of body fat also – you know, like having that 6-pack. And there is most definitely a “sick” amount of body fat. The same goes for your triglycerides, blood pressure, bone density, and so many more!

The lesson we must be able to understand is that if you are “FIT”, you have to go through “WELL” to get to “SICK”. Meaning, your fitness is a hedge against sickness. Your ability to improve, influence, and maintain “FIT” in these categories is the exact definition of your health. Your health is now tangible. Your health has numbers, and you can track it.

If we know what we’re measuring, we can then gauge if we are getting “fitter” or “sicker” on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. How awesome is that?!

Our definition of Fitness might not be sexy, but it’s clear, tangible, and it’s within our control.

Start taking control of your health and fitness today!

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