2020 – What’s your perspective?

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March 16, 2023
2020 – What’s your perspective?

You can look at 2020 in two ways:

  1. 2020 is happening TO you.
  2. 2020 is happening FOR you.


If you feel like 2020 just keeps happening TO you, this article is for you. We have 3 months left in 2020, and it’s time to ask yourself, “How can I use these last 3 months to make 2020 work FOR me?”


Your attitude affects your words, your words become your actions and your actions determine your destiny. So, what’s your attitude when it comes to challenges and hard situations?


Have you told yourself the troubles of 2020 just seem to keep happening to you? Do the masks and restrictions keep oppressing you? Is your schedule out of your control and you can’t workout? Are you just waiting for “normal” so that you can start to feel better, act differently, & make progress?


Or are you telling yourself that all of the challenges of 2020 are for your betterment? You get to find a new way to do things. The obstacles you face and overcome are making you stronger, more resilient, creative, and adaptable?


You see, if you adopt the first attitude, “This is happening TO me”, you will always be limited. You are always at the mercy of something outside of your control. There will be reasons you won’t reach your full potential, and there will be reasons you won’t “find” joy. This is the default mode for us far too often. We adopt this mindset without even thinking about it. It’s easy to blame circumstances. And honestly, it’s just easier to adopt this attitude.


But, if you can adopt the second attitude, “This is happening FOR me”, you will see challenges as opportunities. You’ll grow and you’ll move toward your goals. In the face of challenges, you find a way to overcome them. You will ultimately be more joyful because you are focusing on things you can control. It’s not an easy task, but nothing worthwhile is easy. And you know that to be true!



Ultimately, you have to recognize what is in your control and what isn’t. And your attitude is always in your control. Yes, it requires hard work to take control of your attitude, but it is ultimately one thing you always have control of.

You don’t have control of the kids’ sports schedule. But you control how you respond to it.

You don’t have control over the bickering on social media. But you control how you consume it and how you respond.

You don’t always have control over your work schedule. But you control how you view each day.

It doesn’t take much to recognize your attitude. It’s easy to do when you get frustrated or upset. Use that moment as a trigger to ask yourself, “Why am I frustrated? And how could I change my attitude and not be upset anymore?”



When you control your attitude, you will use different words. You’ll use more positive language. And that language plays a large part in how you view your life.

“I hate burpees and running.” versus, “I’m going to improve my technique and these movements won’t be so hard next time.”

“I have to work out today.” versus, “I get to work out today.”

“I’m too busy to eat healthy.” versus, “I get to figure out how to fuel my body well so I can perform well.”

“I have to wear a mask.” versus, “I’m wearing this mask and practicing mindful box breathing.” (Yes, really, I’ve had to do that.)

If you are more likely to use negative language regularly, how will that impact your actions? Are you more likely to skip your workouts? Complain? Find excuses?

What if you use the more positive language? Will you find a challenge and achieve a goal? Will you think creatively? Will you be more resourceful and get the work done in less time?

The words you use determine your actions. If you say you’re too busy to eat healthy, well, you will be. If you say you hate running, you will skip a workout that has running in it. If you say you have to wear a mask, you’ll end up wearing it while driving your car. (Ok, that one is just for humor. Please don’t be that guy!) Finding a way to use more positive language will create different outcomes. Again, I think an easy way to recognize this is to stop yourself when you’re frustrated. Check the words you say out loud and in your mind. Are they positive or negative? If you find yourself using negative language, just require yourself to reframe the situation with positive words. It takes practice!


So , knowing your attitude and words are critical to your actions, the question today is, what can you accomplish in the last 3 months of 2020? And how will you accomplish it?



If you can begin to shift your mindset and the words you use, now you’re in a great position to accomplish something before the end of the year! Did you have goals to start 2020? Maybe you can still achieve them or get really close!

For example, maybe your 2020 goal was to get in shape/lose weight/etc. Well, you have 90 days! What more can be done? Use the positive attitude and language:

“I get to work out today.”

“I’m going to improve my running technique by the end of the year.”

“I’m going to eat vegetables with 80% of my meals.”

These words will drive action! You’ll get to bed earlier so you wake up to hit the gym. You’ll watch running technique videos instead of mindlessly scrolling. You’ll actually show up to the gym. You’ll find a meal prep app and use it. Using these words will energize your actions. You’ll be excited again because you’ve taken control of your attitude!


2020 is just like a CrossFit workout

If you’ve been doing CrossFit for any length of time, you know that workouts get tough. Let’s use a workout analogy for fun. Imagine a workout that is “4 rounds for time”

Round 1. “This isn’t so bad. I like these movements, I’m going to push it today. This is tough, but I’m ready. I’ve got a good pace going and I’m starting to sweat. This will be great!”

Round 2. “Holy crap what happened?! Everything was so much easier in Round 1! Why is everything so hard in Round 2? Oh my gosh, is this going to kill me?!”

Round 3. “I can’t believe I’m still here. Surely I will die. I hate CrossFit. I can’t breathe. My shoulders are jelly and my legs don’t work. This will be the end of me. “

Round 4. Dang, I’ve done a lot of work. I can’t believe I’m still going. This is the last round. I’m almost done! I think I can push a little harder. I can keep going! Actually, I’m almost done, let’s sprint to the finish!”


Does that sound like your 2020? Rounds 1-3?

Well, it’s Round 4 and you’ve got a decision to make. You’ve done a lot, been through a lot, and 2020 has hurt a little bit. But I think you can push a little harder. I think you can actually sprint to the finish line. I believe that 2020 is working FOR you. I believe that you CAN accomplish a lot in these last 3 months!


The choice is yours. But you knew that already. Starting today, be aware of your attitude and words. Replace negativity with something positive. You’ll start to gain momentum! Remember, the challenges that lie ahead will happen FOR you, not TO you.



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