CrossFit Etiquette

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March 16, 2023
CrossFit Etiquette

Getting started in CrossFit is hard.  New exercises, new words, new people.  Then throw in loud music and a coach telling you what to do and you probably feel like your head is spinning.  Am I right?  

Well, your coaches try to make it as easy as possible to get started but sometimes it just takes some time to get used to all the new stuff.  Below you’ll find a list of common CrossFit Gym etiquette tips so you can feel a little more comfortable on how to navigate the gym and the unspoken expectations of your coaches.  

Take a look below and try to absorb the 31 most common gym etiquette tips! 

  1. Arrive early for class. Please don’t be late.  
  2. Don’t drop a barbell while unloading it
  3. Wipe down equipment after using
  4. Put your equipment away
  5. Pay attention when coach is talking
  6. Don’t have a conversation mid-workout
  7. Introduce yourself to newcomers
  8. In raining/snowing conditions – bring your CrossFit shoes to the gym
  9. Chalk belongs in the bucket or on your hands – not the floor
  10. Don’t walk in front of someone while they’re lifting
  11. Be considerate of others’ space
  12. Try to avoid “ghost-riding” the bar
  13. Don’t let the handle fly off the rower
  14. If you put chalk on equipment for a workout, take it off afterwards
  15. Take the chalk off your barbell
  16. Platforms aren’t for WOD’s.  Lifting only
  17. Don’t spit on the floor
  18. Please recycle
  19. Encourage other athletes
  20. Be accountable. Don’t cheat on reps, finish the workout you started.
  21. Be coachable. Learn how to respond to verbal and visual cues to enhance your experience and performance
  22. Encourage each other (yes, it’s in here twice)
  23. Walk into the gym with a positive attitude.
  24. Be grateful
  25. Pick up after your kids, or help them pick up their things
  26. Do your part to keep the bathroom clean
  27. Give high-fives to each other after class
  28. Kids are kids, but please make sure they behave
  29. Don’t be late for class (yes, it’s in here twice)
  30. Remove the J-hooks while doing wall balls
  31. Minimize distractions – cell phone, etc

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