WOW Warm Ups

December 7, 2023
WOW Warm Ups

KCI, here's the list of current WOW Warm Up Rx's. Please discuss with your coach! 

Give me 6-pack Abs

(not really, but you know what we mean) 

WOW Rx: EMOM6, working for :10-:30

Static hold options

  1. L-sit (box or rings)
  2. GHD hold at parallel
  3. Hollow hold (added challenge = arm position)

This Rx will improve: Improve core stability

My Back is stiff

WOW Rx: 6 minutes: 

  1. 3:00 Foam rolling T-spine/hold in ‘touchdown’
  2. Squat therapy (3 sets x 5 slow reps:  6” away, 4” away and at the wall)

This Rx will improve: Stiffness in thoracic spine and shoulders for movements like overhead position, snatch, jerk, etc…

I suck at Burpees 

WOW Rx: Burpee EMOM6. Work for the entire minute and maintain consistency over 3 sets.
1) Burpees

2) Rest

This Rx will improve: Consistency, capacity, mental toughness

My Cardio sucks

WOW Rx: Tabata Bike, 4 mins with 2-4 mins cooldown bike nasal only breathing

This Rx will improve: Work capacity, lung capacity 

I have a weak Deadlift 

WOW Rx: EMOM6. Working for 20-30 seconds per minute. Increase work time as needed. 

  1. GHD Hip Extensions. 
  2. Banded Nordic Curls on GHD or on the floor

This Rx will improve: Weak hamstrings, weak glutes

HSPU means I go upside down, right? 

WOW Rx: EMOM6, alternating movements. Work for 30 seconds +/-

  1. Lowers into tripod position
  2. Seated DB strict press

This Rx will improve: Confidence being upside down, shoulder stability, and strength

Handstand Walking? Yes please! 

WOW Rx: EMOM6. Work for :20-:30

  1. Wall -facing holds or marching
  2. HS walking distance drill (start 2 ‘steps’ away from wall then walk into wall, then 4-steps away, and so on…)

This Rx will improve: Confidence upside down, handstand walking capacity

I curse at my Jump Rope

WOW Rx: Some who has: Zero to 10 unbroken DU’s 

EMOM6, alternate movements, practice each skill 30-40 seconds

  1. Tall Jumps. With or without a jump rope.
  2. Wiffle ball ropes. 
  3. Double under practice 

This Rx will improve: Consistent, correct jumping. Loosening and accuracy of wrists. Practicing the skill 

WOW Rx: Someone who wants to increase DU capacity. 

Decide the “sticking point” number of reps. Achieve 4 sets at or above that number in the allotted time. 

This Rx will improve: Consistency of jumping and wrist position. 

I just want a Muscle Up 

WOW Rx: EMOM6, alternating movements 

  1. Barbell @ hip height, band, box (we'll show you this) 
  2. Hip Drive Drill on blue mat (we'll show you this) 

This Rx will improve: Fixing a muted hip, increasing hip drive speed and long-arm pulling

I’m not good at Pull-ups

WOW Rx:  Pull Up Lowers, EMOM6. 

Working for 20-30 seconds per minute. Increase work time as needed. The goal is to be able to lower for 4 seconds +/- for each rep.

This Rx will improve: Lat and shoulder strength and stability 

My Push Ups aren’t up to standards

WOW Rx: 3-5 sets x __ reps

Set a band up at the rig (at knee height).

Perform a MAX effort set with the band at the pelvic bones.

Perform 2-4 more additional sets and try to match your reps.

Head, shoulders, hips rise and fall at the same rate.

This Rx will improve: Chest and shoulder strength and stability for higher quality and higher volume push ups 

Ring dips? I can’t do those

WOW Rx: EMOM6, alternating movements. Work for 30 seconds +/- 

  1. Support Holds. Practice holding Top Support and Bottom Support
  2. Dip Lowers 

This Rx will improve: Shoulder stability, tricep strength, and deltoid strength

Running is hard

WOW Rx: Accelerate for 50 meters, focused on 150+ BPM. Walk 50 m. Repeat for the duration

This Rx will improve: running cadence, breathing, and accelerating. 

I have Shoulder issues

WOW Rx: BPBS banded series (we'll show you this) 

This Rx will improve: Shoulder stability and mobility

I don’t Squat below parallel

WOW Rx: 3 sets x 5 slow reps and hold the bottom position for :10

  1. Counterbalance pause squats

This Rx will improve: Squat range of motion, hip stability

If the Rx changes, we'll let you know! And if there is something more specific we can help you with, we'll do that instead of these! 

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