Happy 2016! | KCI CrossFit Values

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March 16, 2023
Happy 2016! | KCI CrossFit Values

Happy 2016!  There are many things to be grateful for from 2015 and many opportunities to be seized in 2016;  I hope you take time to reflect, recharge and refocus for a new year.  At KCI CrossFit a new year signals a new chapter of growth and a time to remember how far we’ve come.  Whether you are a veteran of the KCI community or haven’t yet stepped in the front door, we wanted to take an opportunity this year to tell you about the values that have brought us here today, and will drive us forward tomorrow.  Each week, over the next 4 weeks we will be sharing our Values.  It is our hope that you can get to know us a little better by understanding what makes us uniquely KCI CrossFit.  

Value #1:

Be Persistent

Persistence and determination generate results.  You must press on, giving up is not an option.

Call it what you will – persistence, grit, stick-to-it-ness, fortitude, commitment.   Without persistence, goals will not be met.  Relationships, jobs, weight loss, and just plain dealing with life’s struggles all require the ability to push through tough circumstances.  

While certainly the ability to put your head down and not give up during a WOD is important, that’s not the only thing that persistence is.  What about asking a coach for help?  Encouraging a struggling friend?  Setting a goal and laying out a clear path how to achieve it?  Having the vision to believe you can be better, and make others around you better?   Having persistence is crucial in all these scenarios.   

Persistence at KCI CrossFit is essential.  You will achieve your goals.  You will set new goals.  You will not give up.  And you will have help along the way, because we all believe in each other and we come together as a community.  Press on!

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