“I need help”

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March 16, 2023
“I need help”

When was the last time you said that? When was the last time you asked for help?

Or better yet… who should you be asking for help right now?

We need help. Life is too complex to figure out on our own. And you can’t expect yourself to have all the answers. Too often we forget the power of teams – we think we can go solo!


Guys especially have a hard time with this, “I’ll figure it out, I always have.” Well, maybe you will find a better solution, quicker, if you just ask the right person or people for help!

This is why we employ realtors, attorneys, brokers, hairdressers and mechanics. But these aren’t the only areas we need help with:

You need help building exercise into your schedule.

You need help figuring out the new parenting territory you’re going into.

You need help figuring out why you can’t lose weight.

You need help organizing your schedule.

You need help deciding on the right career move.

You need help creating priorities.

Does one of those stick out to you? Have you told yourself, “I’ll figure it out” or “When I get more time I’ll tackle that project.”

But let’s be real. You’ve probably been putting it off for a long time, right?

Why do we tend believe that we can accomplish life’s biggest challenges alone? Why is our instinct so strong to just “figure it out on our own.” Well, to be honest, I’m not sure..

Read the list again. One of them sticks out to you. The solution to every single one of those examples is the same. Take action. Find someone you trust. Ask for help.

Yes, it will feel uncomfortable and you’ll be vulnerable. But that’s what having courage is all about!

So get to it! You’ve been putting something off for too long! Take a step today!

Make it a great week!

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