How to start again – “Slow & Steady”

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March 16, 2023
How to start again – “Slow & Steady”

Have you been thinking about starting CrossFit again, but not sure how you could do it? You’re feeling motivated but it’s been so long since you’ve been in a routine that you don’t know the right plan to start again. We’ve got you covered! We’ll give you some strategies to make your return to fitness feel great!

Does this describe you? Your schedule is full. At times, it’s overwhelming. It seems impossible to add a fitness routine into your schedule. You remember how awesome it felt to be in a CrossFit routine, but getting back to that routine seems almost impossible. It’s not hopeless! You can add it to your routine, but you’ve got to take small steps. And we’ve got a plan for you!

Here’s your plan to get started again:

One day per week for 3 weeks

You need to choose one day you can make it to the gym, and then stick to it. It’s on your calendar and it’s a critical meeting you can’t miss. This might be your day off from work – maybe it’s Saturday morning. We have classes at 7, 8, and 9am. Or it could even be Sunday for Open gym from 11:30-1pm. Or you need to choose a 5:15am class. Yes, even if you aren’t a morning person, you might need to workout early in the morning before work/kids/life.

Here’s how to make sure you will attend a 5:15am class. Sunday afternoon, look at your week and find which night you can commit to going to bed around 9pm. That’s your opportunity to attend 5:15am class the next day. Finish dinner, get the kids to bed and prioritize relaxing and getting ready for bed around 9pm. Set your alarm for 4:30am. That gives you about 7.5 hours of sleep, and that should be enough! After your workout you’ll feel energized and ready for your day! You can do it, but you have to treat that class like the most important meeting of your week!

If you can stick to that plan for 3 weeks, you’re ready to make it to 2 classes per week.

Two days per week for 1-2 months

To accomplish 2 classes per week, you need either:

  1. One workout on your day off (possibly a weekend day) and one early morning workout or,
  2. 2 early morning workouts

Use the strategy above to make it happen! You proved to yourself it’s possible, now it’s time to give yourself another challenge. You’ve got to get consistent with this routine for at least one month, maybe 2. Don’t worry about pushing it past 2 days per week. And don’t worry about seeing results. Your goal is proving to yourself you can do this consistently, not weight loss or any other physical goal.

And then go from there!

After a couple months, you’ll have proven to yourself that you can prioritize yourself and still honor your other commitments and relationships. You’ll probably be excited to try 3 or 4 days a week, and now you can really try it! Track your attendance and consistency. Each successful week, celebrate your achievement!

So if you’re the super busy type, that’s your plan to get into a routine! We’re here to help you along the way! If you’re ready to execute this plan, schedule your workout right now!


See you in the gym!

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