Struggling to get into a fitness routine?

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March 16, 2023
Struggling to get into a fitness routine?

Have you ever run out of gas and had to push your car to the gas station? It’s really freaking hard!

You feel like your shoes are going to come off and you’re going to pass out from pushing so hard. You feel stupid and embarrassed that you actually ran out of gas. Nonetheless, you’re here.

It is the last place you want to be. You would rather just set fire to the car and leave it on the side of the road. If only you could…. but you need the car. Hell, you need to get to work today! Or you need to just get back home!

So, you push. Hard. As hard as you can. It takes everything in your mind & body to press against that car and keep pushing as hard as you can. And then the car actually starts to roll! You push harder than you ever thought possible. And it continues to move forward!

It’s moved a few feet now, but you lean into it and push hard again and the car keeps rolling. You’ve started to create momentum! You actually feel a little excited! You also know that you need to keep pushing otherwise that damn car is going to stop and you have to start all over again. That would be awful! No matter how much you hurt and don’t want to continue, you just need to find a way to keep that car moving forward! Maybe you start praying. Maybe someone comes along to help you. Holy crap that would be amazing!

You’ve made it a couple blocks now, and you can actually visualize getting to the gas station! Thank goodness for the random person helping you push!

As you keep pushing, it actually gets easier! That’s freaking amazing! I love momentum! (and the laws of physics!) You can continue pushing, and you even can talk to your new random friend, Ted.

Beat up, tired, sweaty, and a little dizzy, you and Ted finally make it to the gas station. You high five Ted, the random person who helped you those last couple blocks and you can’t stop smiling. You actually did it! And you feel like you’ve made a new friend!

Momentum is wonderfully beautiful; it kept your car rolling with minimal effort. What sucks is all the hard work, cussing, and pain it takes to build the momentum.

Starting a fitness routine is exactly like pushing that ridiculously heavy car of yours.

It’s heavy. You’ll sweat. You might bleed. You will curse. You’ll want to quit. You’ll wonder how you got here. And deep down you know you have to keep going. You can’t quit.

But you have to push. You must begin.

I hope you have a random person to help you along the way.

And if you don’t, call me; KCI CrossFit is full of random people who will help you.

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