The metaphors of driving through the snow

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March 16, 2023
The metaphors of driving through the snow

Driving around in the cold and snow, I’ve found some situational metaphors and how they apply to our lives. Enjoy a quick read and reflect on some of your own habits! 

Drive in the middle and bend the rules

Driving in the snow, sometimes the clearest path (and safest) is down the middle of the road. Under normal circumstances, you’d get the middle finger from people speeding around you. But in the winter, rules bend. Driving in the middle of the road is accepted and it’s actually safer! If you’d follow the rules and drive in one lane, you’d be at a greater risk of crashing! 

Question for your life; Is there somewhere else in your life you might need to bend the rules? 

To get where you want to go, you’ll have to take risks

Driving in the snow is tricky. It takes guts, it’s uncomfortable and risky. But, it’s necessary so you can get where you need to go. Achieving goals requires risk taking. 

Question for your life: Where do you need to take a risk? Have you been playing it too safe?

Practice builds confidence

You have to practice driving in the snow to get better at it. No one is good at it until they practice it! On a snow day have you ever gone out for a drive, simply to practice driving? Maybe you should! You might just need some practice to build your confidence!

Is there something else in your life that makes you uncomfortable that you should be practicing? 

Get out and slide around

Have some fun! Find an empty parking lot and slide around a little bit! Cold snowy days need some smiles, and sliding around could brighten your day! 

Feely gloomy somewhere else? Insert some fun into the situation! 

The little things are the most important

Gloves. Windshield washer fluid. A strong car battery. Air in the tires. An ice scraper. Have you ever been broken down, not able to go anywhere, desperately needed one of those things? When we neglect taking care of the little things, we can find ourselves in a world of hurt.
Take care of the little things in your life. Sleep, hydration, nutrition, etc. Don’t let yourself break down by not taking care of the little things.  

Stay in your lane

Sometimes it’s just not the right decision to get outside of your lane. You don’t need to go faster, passing the car in front of you. Just sit tight and stay in the lane. You’re more likely to crash trying to change lanes and drive faster than you need to. 

Is there somewhere in your life you should slow down or stay in your lane?

The more you avoid it, the more handicapped you are because of it. 

The more you avoid driving in the snow you become increasingly handicapped by it. You’ll keep getting more and more intimidated by it, and that will limit what you’re capable of. 

We’re all limited by our weaknesses in life. We avoid them, and we shouldn’t. What weaknesses can you improve? Only by facing your weaknesses will you be free of the discomfort they give you. 

Loosen up

Driving in the snow, the tighter you grip the steering wheel the less safe you are. In the snow, the car might need to move around a little bit. Having too tight of a grip might cause you to over-react or overcorrect and spin out. Driving in the snow reminds us that we’re not in complete control and we have to accept a certain amount of lack of control. 

Are you trying to control a situation? Gripping too tight? Maybe it’s time to loosen up. 

Don’t jump the gun 

The forecast is wrong sometimes. We should prepare as best we can, but sometimes we can be  flexible and change plans. Keep an open mind, be prepared, but don’t panic. 


Sometimes to keep going the direction you want to go, you have to countersteer. You have to turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction! Until you practice it, it won’t make any sense to you (Watch the movie Cars lol). 

There are times in life where we need to do something that doesn’t seem logical. Someone else suggests it to us and we think, “That sounds crazy. I could never do that.” Maybe it’s time you listen to that person. 


Frigid temps and snow everywhere is frustrating. However, it's an opportunity to feel extreme gratitude for the comforts we have. A nice car. A warm house. A fireplace. Hot water. 

Catch yourself saying things like, “Ugh, it’s so cold out!” “I can’t stand how cold it is.” 

Do you ever say things like, “I’m so thankful our heat works!” “I’m super grateful to be able to stay home and stay warm.” 

What we focus on will grow. So make sure you’re focusing on statements of gratitude not complaining. 

The power of momentum

Have you ever been sliding in your car uncontrollably? That’s momentum. 

Or have you ever gotten struck and inched your way forward ever so slowly, and finally gotten free from the snow in elation! That’s the power of momentum too. 

In life, momentum holds the same power. To get unstuck, you need the help of some friends. You’ll have to inch your way out of the snow, pushing and struggling together. But once you’re free, you’ve got the power of momentum! If you’re stuck, find some friends. Ask them to help you push. 

Get out there! Drive well!

Nick Prohaska

KCI CrossFit

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