COVID Stats 10/8/20

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March 16, 2023
COVID Stats 10/8/20

COVID Statistics at KCI

Positive COVID cases

KCI has had 3 COVID-positive members in classes since we re-opened in May. One in June, and two in August. Those members quarantined immediately after showing symptoms. None of their family members tested positive and no other KCI members were affected. Since reopening 21 weeks ago, KCI has had 798 classes, including open gym hours. Of those, 2 classes had a COVID-positive member, which is 0.25% of all KCI classes in the same timeframe.

Class Attendance Statistics

Take a look at the Average Attendance for each class at KCI. VIEW THE REPORT The overall YTD average is 6.36 people per class. Each week has 38 class times, including open gym hours. There are 13 class times averaging 5 people or less. With almost 3,000sqft of usable floor space, maintaining social distancing has been relatively easy.

It is our goal to provide engaging and effective at-home programming for any KCI member needing to work out at home. It is also our goal to provide a safe gym space where members can attend classes, interact with the community and continue to improve health & fitness.

Exercise is more important now than it ever was; it’s a key component in stress relief, weight management and helps you stay alert and focused. Studies show that just two weeks of sedentary time causes a dip in mood/wellness. The pandemic data has also highlighted poor cardiovascular health is one of the major risk factors for severe illness or even death as a result of contracting Covid-19. For these reasons and others, we believe you can safely attend classes at KCI.

Nick Prohaska

Co-Owner & Coach

KCI CrossFit


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