Control > Speed

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March 16, 2023
Control > Speed

Control is greater than speed.

The most basic form of this is, “You have to walk before you can run.” Or think of it this way; it doesn’t matter how fast your car is – you still have to stop, turn, slow down, and accelerate. Speed (safe speed), therefore, comes as a function of excellent control. That principle is highly applicable in CrossFit as well.

Therefore, the quality of our movement is important (control how we move). If we want to get “in shape” or “more fit” we must prioritize our ability to control our movement. Can you control your body in any position you put it in? Can you control the weight on the barbell? Often times we use speed when we lack the appropriate control necessary. Can you think of movements you rush through? Do you use speed when you probably should be focusing on control?

This is a great opportunity to do a self evaluation and check how well you have control over your body. Step one, ask yourself this question, “Am I aware how I’m moving?” Do you actually understand how you are moving? If not, there’s a good chance that you aren’t in control of those movements! Use your air squat as an example. Do you intentionally place your feet in position? Are you aware of your intra-abdominal pressure? Do you know where your knees are in relation to your toes? This list goes on. Step one is awareness. Apply this to other body weight movements and check your control; push ups, lunges, warm up stretches.

Step two is being intentional. If your “default” mode is sub-optimal movement patterns, you will need to retrain your body by being intentional with quality movement patterns; and that doesn’t happen by accident. It takes focusing on the movement – and slowing it down – and that’s where control comes in! Slow and controlled! Once that becomes easier, then you can start adding speed into the equation. Walk before running. Learn to drive slowly before racing you car. It has to be in that order. For your safety, for your efficacy, and for improving your fitness. Learn about how you move. Control how you move. Add speed to your movements.

Control > Speed

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