24.2 Spirit of the Open Nominees

April 25, 2024
24.2 Spirit of the Open Nominees

Teresa Sidwell She PRed her double unders in an open work out

Susie Glaspie Susie went RX even when she wasn’t sure about the DU and did amazing! She showed true courage and grit!

Keith Gooch Gooch went in determined to do RX no matter how long it took him to do the DU’s. He ended the workout with the most DU’s he’s ever done!!!

Val Gooch "Val more than embodies the spirt of the open. She is all in each of the spirt days and was so excited for the parade costume she couldn’t wait for 5:00. She pushed me and the rest of our class to embrace each day and go all in. She has gone RX for both workouts and got into the 6th round for 24.2. Then she did 50+ GHD’s (as she does every day), then went home and ran 3 miles (again, as she does every day). Oh, did I mention she is in her 50’s?

She is also the first one to support everyone else working out, is always positive and encouraging them to push through.  She is the definition of what CrossFit and KCI is for, Gratitude and Grit and functional fitness. "

Brett V Brett completed his workout and did amazing, then immediately helped his team by acting out a CPR scene after he got volunteered by the girls on his team. He was such a great sport about it and had fun!

Rod Rod is always inspiring me to keep working!  He doesn’t give up! He does the RX on everything, and finishes! He is the Energizer Bunny!  

Teresa This girl keeps me moving, and trying harder!  And she improved her double under time by more than 3 times!!! She is also one of the kindest people I’ve ever met, and the best cheerleader!

Val Gooch Team spirit for showing up days that she normally doesn’t work out and giving it her all — both in workout and in team week spirit!  That’s definitely taking one for the team!

Susie For sticking it out and fighting through her DU, she did such a great job!!

Amanda For the second week in a row Amanda did the workout RX. Her determination to complete the workout RX is inspiring and so fun to watch.

Lori Cross CrossFit come back story!

Paul Sidwell Paul is so supportive of Teresa during her workouts! Motivating, pushing and giving tips to her the entire time. If only we all had our own personal cheerleader and coach like Paul.

6:15am Daniel Daniel did the 1st and 2nd workout Rx! I was able to see Daniel do 24.2 in person and he crushed the workout! Daniel has come so far and done so much in such a short amount of time. Great job Daniel! Keep up the good work!

Jeff He did really well on double unders

Angel Sudduth Angel came in on Sunday to attempt a better score. Her rowing and deadlifts were right on target but her double unders were the problem. She worked on them all day Saturday, then re-did the workout Sunday to attempt a better score. She did it! She nabbed nearly three full rounds of them and was in great spirits after all that work. Great job, Angel!

Ashley (6:15am class) Ashley came excited and ready to crush the workout and that she did! The floor might have actually caught on fire underneath her while she was doing those double unders. She absolutely killed it!

Brett Vuagniaux Brad had an incredible 24.2 score

Josh Baker Baker always goes above and beyond for the community. For week 2 he made 3 of the little’s class 9ish shirts and had a large roll in our class float. We couldn’t have done it without him.

Paul Sidwell Paul can quietly but effectively encourage and coach anyone. He has paid attention to them during workouts and can meet them where they are, offer guidance, and then step back and give space. Anyone who has received support from Paul would say they feel seen and supported, and that comes from his own grit and gratitude journey as an athlete.

Josh Baker Made t-shirts for the kids for the parade. Super helpful, encouraging, all night during FNL. Showing a ton of team spirit.

Susie Doing as well as she did

Ashley P 1st round took 9 minutes but got all 50 double unders!

Josh Baker He made shirts for the 9am Littles and helped a lot with their float!  

The whole 7:30am team! They’ve got spirit yes they do-they’ve got spirit how ‘bout you!  Loved their vibe all week.

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