Can & Can’t

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March 16, 2023
Can & Can’t

Can is greater than Can’t

Have you ever thought about how often you either tell yourself, “I can do this.” or “I can’t do that.” Really think about it! There are dozens of examples every day you tell yourself either I CAN or I CAN’T.

Do you realize how important these mini conversations are? The way to talk to yourself has a massive impact on your happiness, success, and overall fulfillment in life. You are living out of a negative mindset if you are constantly telling yourself, “I can’t”. On the other hand, by telling yourself, “I can” you are using a positive mindset, and are therefore more likely to be happy, fulfilled, and successful.

Consider the effect of the following statements. Which do you tell yourself? What mindset are you bringing to your fitness?

“I can’t seem to wake up early and get to the gym because I’m so tired.”
“I can establish a better nightly routine so that I can make it to the gym in the morning.”

“I can’t cook, so I can’t eat healthy.”
“I can learn how make a few healthy recipes.”

“I can’t exercise because I’m injured.”

“I can work on my mobility and flexibility because I have an injury.”

“I can’t start a new workout routine because I have anxiety.”
“I can start a new workout routine to overcome my anxiety.”

“I can’t do (insert cool CrossFit exercise)”
“I can focus on a couple drills and exercises to move towards my (cool CrossFit exercise) goal.”

“I can’t lift heavy weight.”
“I can practice excellent mechanics and make progress every day.”

“I can’t do the workout as prescribed.”

“I can give my 100% effort and get a fantastic workout”

I hope you see that telling yourself YOU CAN is far better than telling yourself YOU CAN”T. So what’s the big deal? Why does it matter? Well, it all comes down to fulfillment. Are you happy where you are? Are you seeking more? Is there always something standing in your way? I believe when you control your mindset; tell yourself, I CAN that you will see improvements in any area of your life. So, it’s a really big deal!

Take your relationships, career, fitness, or any other aspect of your life. Write down the “I can” and “I can’t statements you tell yourself. You’ll soon see the improvements you want; if you can make a few small mindset changes.

I’d love to hear your success stories!

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