24.1 - Spirit of the Open Nominees

March 5, 2024
24.1 - Spirit of the Open Nominees

Clay Watkins

Came to class in the morning to workout and stayed to cheer on everyone in the evening! His first ever open and he RX’d it!!!


Awesome judge wouldn’t have finished the workout without her encouragement


Super encouraging!! Wouldn’t have finished without his pushing!

Clay Warkins

Coach Nick encouraged people who don’t typically do RX weight to try it in the open. Clay unassumingly walked over and picked up the 50# dumbbell. He didn’t make a big deal about it, just chose the weight and got to work! Truly an inspiration and very atypical of our scaled 7:30 class. Way to go Clay!

Ally Budine

Ally pushed hard, RX’d the workout, and finished with 40 seconds to spare! She’s always pushing herself to do the harder workouts and motivates everyone around her!

Sydney Eastman

She didn’t hesitate to do the work out RX, and she finished it.


Clay is still relatively new to CrossFit, but went RX for this workout and did an amazing job.

Daniel (6:15A) & Amanda Jones

Daniel used a 50# dumbbell and doesn’t normally. Really pushed himself to adopt the Sprit of the Open. Amanda did the workout Rx after having major surgery not too long ago…truly gratitude & grit.

Lisa Fosnough

I enjoyed watching Lisa push to the very end on this workout. She always gives it her all.

Angel Sudduth

Angel is a humble, hard-working athlete. She has made incredible gains over the last 3 years and crushed her first Rx Open workout this weekend. She was there ahead of time to cheer others on, stayed after to judge and cheer, and also stayed after her workout on Sunday to cheer others on who were performing 24.1. She shows grit and gratitude on a daily basis and is a fun human to be around!


What a treat to watch her finish that workout Rx in under the time cap!  A testament to her putting in the daily effort !

Ally Budine

She not only went out of her comfort zone on the workout by doing RX but she also completed the workout and kept a smile on her face! True Open grit


I watched Katrina Friday night complete the workout with a really good time! She is so fun to watch and then stayed and cheered on others as they performed the workout. She is everything good about KCI - gritty, tenacious and strong!

Katrina Maloney

Even though I didn’t want anyone to watch me, Katrina was cheering for me and pushing me to finish!  Then even on Saturday she was messaging me strategies if I decided to do it again and finish.  I really appreciate her!

Amanda Jones

I came in Sunday to complete my week 1 workout to Amanda doing the workout, again! She did really well and I can't think of a better example of Grit! Amanda then stayed to be my judge and cheered me on the entire time. We have some tough people around us at all times and I am better because of Amanda.

Amanda Jones

Amanda showed up to attempt finishing the wod (she was only 4 reps short). Despite falling off the pace rather quickly, she kept at it and finished the full 15 minutes of effort. That is some champion work ethic!

Amanda Jones

Amanda came back from back surgery this year to do the open workout at RX and got within 4 reps of finishing!! She is an inspiration to anyone recovering from an injury or surgery!!

Angel Suddeth

Angel KILLED the workout, did RX and finished it. To watch her never stop moving and working so hard, was inspiring. It was her first RX CF open workout!

Angel Suddeth

She pushed through and completed the workout RX, even when she wasn’t sure that she could do it!

Ally Budine

1st Open workout completed!

Lainey Puglisi

Lainey re-did the workout and beat her previous score by 20 reps!!

Lindsay P

There is nobody more spirited than Lindsay. Just look our group text string….

Daniel H

I’m nominating Daniel because he pushed himself and did RX even though he wasn’t sure about the weight and he did a great job!


Nina has been a member of KCI for 2 weeks and is jumping right in! She signed up for her first Open and attended her first Friday Night Lights. While quite possible overwhelmed and intimidated, she completed her 24.1 and stayed to cheer on multiple heats, including some of the Youth. That's G&G in action!

Lainey Puglisi

Although I believe that every single person that did 24.1 whether RX or otherwise should be acknowledged for a huge accomplishment, I would like to nominate someone that went over and above in my opinion. Not only did she do the work out on Friday night, stick around to cheer everyone on afterwards, and then proceeded to clean up and put away every single dumbbell by herself, but then redid 24.1 and improved her time. Laney is my inspiration for what CrossFit really is. She continues to strengthen and improve herself, and she has a no quit attitude that I admire.

Miriam Sidwell

It was so encouraging to this newbie to see her doing her workout with a smile on her face! She truly embodies grit and grace.

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