10 Habits to Stop Having

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March 16, 2023
10 Habits to Stop Having

KCI Community,

I’m not sure about you but I’m a huge fan of podcasts. They are a great way to learn new things, reinforce good habits, and deepen your expertise. One of my regular podcasts is Chasing Excellence by Ben Bergeron. He is a prolific CrossFit Coach and Affiliate Owner. I think he has a lot of good knowledge to share, even if you don’t CrossFit.

I encourage you to listen to a recent podcast of his regarding habits, and specifically habits to NOT do. Whether or not you agree with all of his suggestions, you get a sense that he lives by a clear set of principles and guidelines. Below are my notes I took while listening to the podcast (so the text below is my interpretation and not his words) I encourage you to listen to the full podcast by clicking the link below and taking your own notes.


10 Habits You Should Stop Having: Ben Bergeron


Here are my notes:

Don’t hit the snooze button. By hitting snooze, you are procrastinating the very first task of the day: simply wake up. What are the actual sleep benefits of 9 more minutes in bed? Negligible. Set the alarm for the time you actually want to wake up, and hold yourself accountable.

Don’t get mad in traffic. You can’t control it, so don’t let it make you angry.

Don’t show up late. Your time is just as valuable as everyone else’s, and showing up on time sends the message that you value others’ time as much as yours. (Always makes me think of Fast Times @ Ridgemont High…Spicoli)

Don’t tolerate gossip. Gossip erodes trustworthiness.

Don’t watch the “news”. Politics, Hollywood, social media, etc. These are all forms of entertainment and their job is to grab and hold onto your attention. There are far more productive things you can spend your time on than the “news”.

Don’t pass judgement, don’t criticize. Let’s not pretend that we have all the answers, because we don’t.

Don’t eat and scroll (on your phone) if you’re with others. If you are looking at your phone, you are sending the message that what’s on the phone is more important than the other person.

Don’t look at email before lunch. Put the most important things first. Email (for many of us) can be a major distraction. For heaven’s sake, don’t wake up and check email first thing.

Don’t leave dishes in the sink. Stay uncluttered and finish what you started.

Don’t wait for perfect. “Jump and grow wings on the way down.” The first iPhone didn’t even have a calculator. Just go and do it!

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