Steven Cooper

Steven Cooper

CrossFit L2


CrossFit L2

20+ Year Educator

Five Year Middle School Head Football Coach

Five Year Middle School Track and Field Head Coach

Four Year Head Riss Lake Swim Team Coach

One Year Head Middle School Basketball Coach

About Coach

Coach Steven Cooper graduated from Rockhurst University with a Bachelor’s in Business. Coach Cooper received his Master’s in Secondary Business Education from Rockhurst as well. He completed an Educational Specialist in Superintendency Administration from Arkansas State University.  At the high school level he competed in baseball and basketball, but ultimately found the most success in swimming.  He competed on a few year round clubs including Swim Academy, C.O.O.L and the Blazers.  He won several state titles over his four years at Shawnee Mission West.  After finishing his swimming career, he found success at CrossFit and olympic weightlifting. He enjoys introducing individuals to the sport and loves watching as they develop confidence in their movements.Coach Cooper has been teaching for Park Hill for over 20 years.  Presently, he teaches PLTW courses at Congress Middle School.  He is the head football coach for the Trojans 8th grade team, the C-team boys basketball coach and the head Congress track and field coach.  Together, he and his wife Christine have five children. Three of his older boys attend Congress Middle School, their daughter attends Tiffany Ridge and their youngest is getting ready for preschool this fall.  Christine is the proud owner of KCI CrossFit and works hard at running a business while maintaining a crazy busy household.

Turning Point

When I first started CrossFit in 2012, I was in pretty bad shape.  Since leaving college, I struggled to find a workout routine that I enjoyed.  Swimming had given way to stationary weightlifting and treadmills.  I was strong, but not in the way in which I now understand ‘strength’.  I was ultimately embarrassed at my lack of conditioning - getting sick after workouts - getting destroyed by men that were much older than me - so I decided to change!

Motivation & Passion

Throughout my time playing sports in high school and college, I was guided and coached by a variety of individuals.  I performed well academically and on the playing field, but never felt truly impacted by the adults in my life.  As a teacher and coach, I try to be the most positive part of my student’s and student athletes day.  I aim to be a consistent part of their day when they may lack consistency elsewhere.  I also set high expectations and do my best to celebrate the individual when they excel.  I have now taught and coached thousands of middle school aged children and I hope that I have helped make them better humans.

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