Patrick Hasenjager

Patrick Hasenjager

CrossFit L2


CrossFit L-2


About Coach

Growing up in Nebraska, I was never into sports or fitness. I was the "computer geek" of my family and friends. My passion for technology eventually landed me in Kansas City where I found CrossFit and have not looked back. By trade, I work as an IT professional for a nationwide bank.

Turning Point

As I was growing up, I suffered from severe asthma and issues with my ankles and feet. This prevented me from participating in sports or doing many of the recreational activities my friends did. After college, I decided that I had enough and started working out. VERY slowly at first. After relocating to Kansas City, I found the CrossFit community which lit a fire I wasn't aware of.

Motivation & Passion

I coach because I enjoy helping others reach their potential. When I worked out at a regular gym, I had no one to hold me accountable. I had no one to encourage me. It was just me and my headphones. With CrossFit, we find ourselves in a community that will support all of our goals. The amount of cheering our members have for the smallest win is motivation to the max. By helping others with the correct mechanics of a lift or how to properly scale around an injury or just giving that extra little push, it fills me with gratitude. Regardless of what happens outside the gym, as coaches we have the ability to make a positive impact in someone's life, and that motivates me.

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