Nick Prohaska

Nick Prohaska

Owner, CrossFit L2


CrossFit L-2

CrossFit L-1

USAW Sports Performance L-1

B.B.A University of Iowa

About Coach

I’m so grateful for the life I get to live. Married to an amazing wife with two kids, all centered around Jesus and living a life of growth and joy. From Clear Lake to Iowa City to Orlando to Kansas City I’ve had so many life-shaping experiences and created some of the best relationships I can think of.

Turning Point

At times in my life I was sick and tired. Of the status quo. Not knowing what I wanted. Feeling like I was meant for more, tired of mediocrity. Through CrossFit, I’ve been able to open doors that I never knew existed. I’ve been able to help and serve people in ways I didn’t know were possible. I’ve been able to rise to the challenges of hard workouts and difficult life situations. I became motivated by WHO I was becoming versus WHAT I could accomplish and my life has never been better.

Motivation & Passion

I coach because I love adding value to people and I love being able to share my experience and knowledge so others can benefit from it. My favorite aspect of coaching is helping people see what they “can” do versus what they believe they “can’t” do. That shift in mindset helps people improve any area of their life they desire to change, and that is rewarding to me. I’m passionate about helping people become WHO they want to be, rather than just what they want to achieve. WHAT is important, but only after someone has a clear understanding of who they are. I love that CrossFit reinforces integrity - that how we do something is more important than what we do. Because of that, CrossFit makes us better people. And to me, that’s pretty awesome!

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