Marie Watkins

Marie Watkins

CrossFit L2


CrossFit -L2

Certified Fitness Trainer, ISSA

Specialist in Sports Nutrition, ISSA

Specialist in Strength & Conditioning, ISSA

Masters Positive Psychology Coaching, University of Missouri

About Coach

My fitness journey started at a very young age. I was an intensely competitive gymnast who had to leave the sport due to injury long before I was mentally ready. In High School I played every sport I was able to feed the competitive beast, from basketball and tennis to rugby. I found that rugby was my jam and played for 3 years in college, it was a great experience. Each of these has shaped the Coach I am today and provided me with tools to better serve the athletes in our community.

Turning Point

Being a 44-year-old mother of 4 and a 26-year military veteran, as one may expect, I am in a new season of life. I have experienced injuries and conditions that have changed my perspective and expectations. The beauty of this is I get to redefine what my boundaries are and make new goals. It’s amazing what we are capable of, especially if we don’t put limitations on ourselves.

Motivation & Passion

I love helping people and serving the community!! It brings me so much satisfaction every time someone achieves a PR or accomplishes a new skill. I love finding new ways to reach athletes with different drills or cues that finally help them, and it all clicks into place.

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