Jacob Dupin

Jacob Dupin

CrossFit L1

For the past five years my strength has consistently increased while at the same time my endurance has increased.


CrossFit L-1

B.S. Degree in Secondary Social Science Education - Northwest Missouri State University 

8 Years Coaching Track and Field 

5 Years Coaching CrossFit

About Coach

Christ centered, wife anchored, and surviving the hurricane of three beautiful daughters. I learned quickly in life that relationships are the most important and valuable thing that you can possess in life. Most everything I do in life, from fitness to time spent, revolves around that fact. The grass isn’t greener on the other side. It is green where you water it. So naturally I am extremely extroverted and love meeting new people!

Turning Point

I have always been passionate about sports and physical fitness. I received a full ride Track and Field scholarship to Northwest Missouri State where I was recruited for the high, long, and triple jumps. Once in the Collegiate level I transitioned into the Heptathlon (indoor) and Decathlon (outdoor). I was the physical embodiment of a “Jack of all trades, master of none”. When my college career came to an end I did the 24 hour fitness thing for about four years. I missed the days of physically and mentally pushing myself as well as the sense of competition in my life so I thought I would give CrossFit a try. I walked into KCI in 2015 and have not looked back.

Motivation & Passion

I had a coach in High School who figured out my personality quickly and he cultivated a relationship with me in which he used my strengths and weaknesses to my advantage in my personal development. I have never forgotten that and still have a great relationship with him today. This drove me to want to pursue a degree in education where I was able to invest my time, passion, and knowledge into youth through coaching track and field. This has ultimately brought me to where I am today, coaching at KCI those who have figured out there is more to life than what they have cultivated and have found the strength to pursue it. My passion is helping develop the mental and physical strength needed in the gym but more importantly in life.

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