How to start again , “Square One”

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March 16, 2023
How to start again , “Square One”

You’d love to start CrossFit, but you feel like you’re so far removed from anything resembling a fitness routine that starting over again from square one is absolutely overwhelming to consider.

You’ve come to a point – you know fitness is essential for you to feel like yourself again, but you’re stuck. Can you start CrossFit again? Or should you do something different because it’s easier to start fresh than to feel like you’re starting over.

Here’s the deal – it’s ok to feel like you’re starting over! Here’s what isn’t ok – not doing anything because you’re nervous or feel embarrassed. The only way forward is.. well.. forward. You won’t make progress if you don’t put your car in drive and push on the accelerator!

Think of starting over as picking up where you left off. It’s not really starting over after all, it’s just that you need a refresher and confidence boost that you can do it again.

I learned algebra in high school and I haven’t used those skills since then. If I started a new job and needed to engage those mental muscles I’d need a refresher too. The information is stored deep in my memory – and it just takes a few reps to bring that knowledge back. It’s not “starting over”

The same applies to you and CrossFit. You’ve done it, but you need some reps in a refresher course. That’s where personal training sessions come in handy.

Here’s your plan:

3 PT sessions with us will give you the refresher you need and the confidence to jump into a group class in a couple weeks! After those sessions, let’s talk about your plan going forward. Maybe it’s a Slow and Steady plan. Or maybe you’ll be ready to Dive In. Either way, starting with some one-on-one time will be the best way for you to flex your CrossFit muscles again!

Ready to pick up where you left off? Start the conversation – send us an email or text.

Nick Prohaska


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