Get to Know: Kate Moorehead

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March 16, 2023
Get to Know: Kate Moorehead

Get to Know: Kate Moorehead

Get to know the stories of the KCI CrossFit Members!

Q: You are currently pregnant with your fourth child and coming to CrossFit 3-4 times per week. I think it’s fair to say that the entire KCI community is inspired by your actions and the example you (and other pregnant mamas) set forth. But I want to know who inspires you? Why?

A: Erica, my accountability partner, inspires me. She is there for me everyday whether it’s with a text message to get me going or a ride to pick me up and take me to the gym. When I joined, one of the 5:15am members, Tami, was in her third trimester and still showing up every morning to workout. She proved to me what is possible during pregnancy and I hope to accomplish that as well. I am also inspired by Matt and Grace, the father-daughter duo, who show up every morning to train together. I’m hopeful in 6-8 years, some of my kiddos will want to do the same with me.

Q: Our community is comprised of various fitness levels and capabilities. We’ve got former collegiate-level athletes and some people who have never lifted a weight until they began at KCI CrossFit. Where do you fall in this spectrum and do you think it’s relevant to have some fitness experience before you start doing CrossFit?

A: I played soccer at Iowa State University for 4 years so I did have a background in fitness before starting CrossFit. Although, I have to say, that experience feels like a really long time ago. I honestly can say that comparing KCI to where I used to exercise; a family-style gym with group classes, coming here is much safer and more enjoyable. At those classes, you sometimes feel like just a number without any personal attention or concern for safety. I wish I would’ve started here two years ago instead. The camaraderie and attention to detail is exciting and effective.

Q: Over the years, I have enjoyed working with female clients because they often come into CrossFit thinking they “can’t do” certain exercises like pull ups, rope climbs, or deadlift their bodyweight. Changing their minds about what IS possible and helping increase their capacity is remarkable. What would you say to other females about developing a “CAN DO” attitude? How does mental toughness fit into your daily routine outside the gym? How do you, as a mother, instill grit with your children?

A: Some days and experiences are challenging with the kids. But every time I think to myself “I’ve already done something hard today–my workout–so I know I can get through this too.” “ I make myself do the hard work and I make them work hard too; teaching them life skills beyond what others might think kids are capable of.”


Q: How do you describe CrossFit to your friends or family members?

A: I tell them it’s so much more than ‘going to the gym for an hour’. Our 5:15am class is a group of friends who care about others beyond the class. Not only am I a part of an accountability group, I’m also involved in a recipe sharing group and running club. CrossFit is something I’m doing where I can look back on the progress I’ve made and look forward to the next new things I’ll be able to do!

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