Flight School – Keep The Momentum Going

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March 16, 2023
Flight School – Keep The Momentum Going

The next steps in your fitness journey are equally as important as the first steps in Flight School!  We want to outline how to move towards your health and fitness goals and how to integrate CrossFit into your lifestyle!  Here are the most important things you can do next:

1) Regular Attendance.  Creating the habit of coming to the gym is arguably the most important thing you can do.  So much of your progress and results are reliant on a regular workout routine.  So, if you have a busy schedule, we encourage you to create the space for CrossFit at least 3 days per week.  Four or five classes each week would be ideal, but if you can only start with 3, we recommend putting your class times on your calendar and sticking to it!  Creating this habit and building this discipline will pay dividends in the future! 

2) Get Connected!  The community at KCI is first-class and has so much to offer!  Make it a point to meet one new person each class for the next 30 days and see where the conversation leads!  Even if you’re not trying to meet a new best friend, getting to know the people you are sweating alongside creates an amazing energy within the gym and will lift you up.  If you’re more extroverted, connect with a few people on social media or get to know them outside of the gym! 

Those are arguably the two most important parts of getting started at KCI, but there are more!  We’ll check back in a week and give you a few more keys to success! 

I hope you are excited to continue with your CrossFit training at KCI CrossFit!  We look forward to working alongside you in your heath and fitness journey! 

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