5 Ways to Break Through a Training Plateau

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March 16, 2023
5 Ways to Break Through a Training Plateau

Have you stopped seeing results from your training? Do you feel bored sometimes? Are you not progressing your strength or skills like you used to? Feeling like you’re just going through the motions?

Remember the feeling when you started training? You were sore. Workouts were hard. You wanted to come in every day and push yourself to see what you’re made of. But those feel like distant memories, am I right?

There’s a good chance you’ve arrived on the Training Plateau. And it’s ok. Everyone comes to the Training Plateau from time to time. Even the fittest, most committed “exercisers” will hit a plateau. It’s bound to happen.

Often times there are clear signs you’ve arrived in a comfortable spot in your training – the plateau: You show up a few minutes late. Warming up – nah, you don’t really need to do that any more. Coach is addressing the class? You already looked at the WOD and know what to do. Constantly checking your phone during class? Haven’t tried for a PR in awhile? Cherry pick some workouts? Don’t have time for mobility/cool down? I’m guessing if you’re comfortable – a few of those will sound familiar. Welcome to the Plateau. The plateau of comfort and stagnation. The only way to get better, stronger, leaner, healthier is to keep moving and get off the plateau!

Now that you know where you are, its a lot easier to know how to move forward! Here are a few simple steps you can employ to break through your training plateau, get out of your comfort zone, and start seeing results again!

Declare Where You Are

Say it out loud. Tell your friends. “I’ve hit a training plateau. I feel too comfortable.” This isn’t some fancy 12 step program, but when you invite someone else into your space, it will automatically help you be more accountable. You have to admit to yourself that you don’t want to be comfortable anymore, and a great way to do that is by simply telling someone else! You and I both know that you can’t grow/learn/lose weight/get stronger if you remain in a “comfort zone”. And a training plateau is just that, “comfortable.”

Change Your Routine

This doesn’t need to be a drastic change. Maybe justcommit to coming to class 15 minutes early. Try a 30 day challenge. Consider attending a different class. Stay after class and work on a weakness. Whatever your current routine, make a small change. I recommend asking a coach a productive way to change your routine!

Work on a Weakness

Running. Weak core. Hip mobility. Upper body strength. Any of those seem like a weakness of yours? What do you avoid? Chances are, if you avoid it then it will be a weakness. Dedicate some extra time to develop your weakness. Find a buddy to do it with you!

Develop a Strengh

What is something you love? A skill you are good at? Get better at it! Why not?! Spend that 10 minutes after class getting better at your strength.

Sign Up for a Competition or Event

Tough Mudder. OCR. 5k. Charity Run. Local CrossFit Competition. Go for it! What do you have to lose? Put yourself out there and get uncomfortable, and I guarantee you will break the plateau!

It’s time to break past your current plateau! Continue to push, challenge, and strive to better yourself! Be willing to analyze your current mood, situation, and outlook on your training. When you realize you’ve hit a plateau, take some steps to keep moving forward! And if you want some help, we are here for you too!

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