4 Ways to Beat the “Fall Funk” – When You Just Aren’t Feeling It

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March 16, 2023
4 Ways to Beat the “Fall Funk” – When You Just Aren’t Feeling It

In a slump. Feeling unmotivated. Uninspired. Stuck in a rut. Not making progress. If any these ring a bell, you might be in a “Fall Funk.” Keep reading..

The fall funk is quite common. Things at work are extremely busy. The kids are back in school and they have activities all the time. You don’t have any time for yourself. The fun summer vacation seems like an eternity ago and you aren’t really able to see a break until Thanksgiving or even Christmas. And it’s only October; and way to early to think about Christmas! When someone asks you, “How’s it going?”, your answer is ,”Busy!” Life is busy and you feel like you’re in a rut.

This carries over into the gym as well. You had a great summer of training and lost some body fat, fit better into your summer clothes and made some gains! But you aren’t feeling the excitement to get into the gym and give it 100%. You haven’t made any fitness goals for the end of the year; because Thanksgiving is coming up, and you know, that’s a reason to “cheat.”

At some level, if you are feeling a hint of truth in those statements you could be dealing with some form of the Fall Funk. The good news is that, now you’ve realized it! Once you know where you are, you can make a plan to get out of it! Here are 4 suggestions to hit the reset button and use this time of year to keep progressing!

1) Remind yourself why you started. Too often we get bogged down in the “grind” or the rut and we forget why we are doing things. Why are we eating healthy? Why are you going to your kids’ soccer games? Why are you going to the gym? There are the superficial reasons, and then there is the real “why” behind everything we do. Take 15 minutes and write down why your fitness is important for you. Then, share that with a friend and talk about it for 15 minutes. You may surprise yourself at the recharge and perspective that can come from a simple 30 minute exercise.

2) Set a goal. Eating habits, strength gains, learning a new skill, enter a competition, or anything else! The actual goal might not matter in the long run, but the simple act of pursuing a goal to achieve before the end of the year can be very empowering and motivating. Pick something that sounds fun, something that you are curious about, and go for it! You’ll need someone to hold you accountable, so grab 2 friends that are on-board with your goal and hold each other to it!

3) Make an investment by spending more time or money on your health and fitness. This is similar to buying stocks when the price is low. Your motivation is low, and a great way to add value is to commit an extra investment into your fitness. Pick a way to invest your money and time into your fitness. Maybe you can practice foam rolling and recovery every day. Or maybe you can invest in a couple personal training sessions to improve your double-unders or muscle up. Make the investment now and reap the rewards!

4) Phone a friend. Call a friend and invite them to CrossFit! You’ll be helping them by introducing them to your fitness community and it will help you re-ignite your fire and excitement for your own training!

I hope that one of those ideas sparks a fire for you to push through your Fall Funk! As always, if you’d like to talk with a coach and want some help creating a plan, let me know!

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