24.3 Spirit of the Open

April 25, 2024
24.3 Spirit of the Open

Spirit of the Open Nominations for 24.3

Lainey Puglisi

Lainey decided to do the workout Rx, even though she doesn’t have consistent chest to bar pull-ups. Over the workout, she accomplished 47 of them! Even more, she did around 40 of them STRICT!!!

Ingrid Caniglia

She pushed through RX and did a bunch of chest to bar


She was the last heat and finished the workout solo doing chest to bars up until the last second! She worked so hard and is the definition of grit


She completed the workout RX, one C2B at a time, she’s just simply amazing.


He pushed himself and came close to finishing the workout scaled


I was in Devon’s heat this week and was so inspired by her grit…worked hard continuously until the time cap. And all IN her formal wear. She truly embodies KCI’s core values, go Devon!

Val and Gooch

For being the ultimate participant/couple

Patrick H.

Behind the scenes dedication to scoring process

Ingrid Caniglia

Ingrid was in the very last heat of the night and killed it! She said she hadn’t done RX thrusters in a while and keep with the gymnastics movements even after tearing her hands. That’s grit!

Brad Hokanson

He’s my workout partner, so extremely biased.


I am again nominating Lainey, because I really believe she shows the spirit of the open in every way! She worked so hard this past year, continuing to challenge herself as she recovered, gaining back strength and endurance.  And, in 24.3, she did the entire workout in a full length dress!  She did 97 reps!!

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