2 Confusing Aspects of CrossFit: What is "Rx" and why do we record scores?

2 Confusing Aspects of CrossFit: What is "Rx" and why do we record scores? New to CrossFit?
May 17, 2023
2 Confusing Aspects of CrossFit: What is "Rx" and why do we record scores?

New to CrossFit? Then you've probably heard the term "Rx" and wondered what in the heck that means? Here's a quick explanation of the term, why it's used and what it means to you.

Rx is short for "prescription" just as in a medical prescription. When a doctor prescribes ibuprofen, that's the Rx.

In CrossFit, the workout has movements and sometimes weights that are "prescribed". If the workout calls for pullups and thrusters at a specified weight, that's the Rx for that workout. The Rx movements and weights are set to achieve a specific stimulus, or feel, for each person doing the workout.

A toddler, 10yr old, 40yr old and 90yr old can be prescribed ibuprofen from the doctor. However, the dosage is different for each of those people based on age (and other factors too). This is meant to keep the stimulus (or feel) appropriate for each person. You don't want to overdo it, and it won't be helpful to underdo it either.

This is the principle of Rx in CrossFit. We want to make a workout for all ages and fitness abilities, so we prescribe a daily workout. When a coach tells you what "Rx" is for the workout of the day, what they're really telling you is what a workout should feel like; what the right dosage is meant to be for you.

It's yours and the coach's jobs to make sure your prescription is appropriate for you for each workout. So, while it will be confusing at first, you'll start to understand your abilities and the right dosage each day to achieve the prescribed feel for each workout of the day!

Why do we record scores?

Most CrossFit gyms use a whiteboard, chalkboard, or digital leaderboard to record scores for each workout of the day. But why? Why does it matter?

CrossFit believes that fitness, just like blood pressure, insulin levels, and a myriad of other health markers, should be measurable. How do you know if you're getting fitter? Because you take a measurement, and then take the same measurement at a later date and see if you've improved, stayed the same, or gotten worse.

Our scores to workouts are measurements we use to gauge our fitness levels.

Our max deadlift is a marker of overall strength.

Our 5k time is a marker of endurance.

Our Fran time is a marker of power, speed, and stamina.

And so on, and so on.

CrossFit workouts test many different areas of fitness; from strength, power, speed, accuracy, timing, coordination, agility, flexibility, endurance and stamina. So by testing and retesting workouts over time and recording your scores, you can paint a picture of your overall fitness.

So as a CrossFit beginner, should you record your scores? Absolutely! You need to know where you're starting so you can measure how far you'll go!

KCI members, you'll have an opportunity to test and retest workouts during our Benchmark Series coming up!

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