Monday, May 22nd WOD

Warm up:  3 rounds

-200m row

-Greatest stretch ever sequence

-10 Air squats

-10 Scap depressions

-10 Med ball slams


Wod prep:  BACK SQUAT

Points of performance followed by 5-6 small, building sets.



-20 UB reps at 60% of your current 1RM


WOD:  To be completed on their own when they have finished the 20 UB reps and rested minimum 5 minutes

2017 CrossFit Regional Event #2


-DB Snatches  55/35 lb DB

-Ring dips


LV. B and C WOD:


-DB Snatches 40/20 lbs

-Banded ring or bar dips (sub push ups)


Post:  400m walk + static stretches


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