Monday, February 13th WOD

Warm up:  500m row, 10 reps of:  Air squats, ring rows, push ups, OH lunges dips and GHD sit ups

BPB&S Series I

Snatch complex

DL, hang, OHS

0:00-6:00 Build then

EMOM 6 at 70% (of snatch)


Death by Back Squat

1 BS on minute 1, 2 on 2 and so on until the athlete cannot complete the required reps within the minute. Weight is set at BW or 225, whichever is more. 155 for women.

Post:  600m jog + foam roll

Discuss weight w Coach. Athletes should aim for 70% of 1RM or a perceived “7” if athlete doesn't have a 1RM.

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