Tuesday, July 12th WOD

Warm up:  500m row followed by coach-led BW drills and mobility for wrists/Lats/shoulders

BB work:  Split jerk (from the rig) 3 at 75, 2 at 80, 2 at 85 and 3x1 at 90%

LV. A Conditioning:  “Power Elizabeth”


-Power cleans 135/95

-Ring dips

LV. B. Conditioning:  For time


-Power cleans 135/95, 115/75lbs

-Banded ring dips (sub push ups)

LV. C Conditioning: For time


-Power cleans

-Push ups

There is a 5 minute time cap on this workout

Athletes will rest 5 minutes then perform 3 rounds for time

-500m row (sub 350m row for beginners)

-15 Deadlifts 245/155, 215/135, 185/115

-8 Lateral burpees over the bar

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