Monday, June 6th WOD

Warm up:  2 rounds

-250m row + 200m run

-Coach led mobility (ankles, hips)



Mini wod:  1 round

-20 DB lunges

-10 foot-elevated ring rows

-10 Push ups

-10-12 Hip extensions (sub banded good mornings)


Strength:  20 minutes to establish a 1RM Back squat

Optional workout for those NOT finding their 1RM

For time

-500m row

-40 Air squats

-30 Sit ups

-20 Push ups

-10 Pull ups (sub 15 Ring rows)

Rest 5-7 minutes then perform the sprints and core work


Post:  4x100m sprint


3x7-10 GHD Sit ups

Nick ProhaskaComment