Tuesday, June 28th WOD

Warm up:  500m row + coach-led BW drills and PVC work for mobility.

Technique:  3x5 Thruster with a PVC or bar


BB work:  Clean and jerk 5x3 at 65%

-Build then EMOM


Conditioning:  Complete 1 round every 90 seconds

-1 Power clean

-1 Front squat

-1 STO

-3 Lateral burpees over the bar

Complete 10 rounds at bodyweight (advanced)

Complete 10 rounds at 75% BW (intermediate)

Complete 10 rounds,  2 reps of each movement (including burpees) at 50% BW (beginner)

Rest 5 minutes then complete a 1 mile run

Nick ProhaskaComment