Monday, May 2nd WOD

Warm up:  Coach-led BW drills, mobility and PVC work



Learning the GHD:  Hip extension, back extension and the GHD sit up


Conditioning:  Partner tabata

-Ring MU



-Power cleans

-Pull ups (Kipping, no butterfly)


Athletes will partner up with a person of similar strength and skill level. Athlete 1 will begin at :00 and work for 20 seconds while their partner waits. Athlete 2 then begins on the :30 and works until :50. Partners will continue in this fashion moving through all five skills until three full rounds are completed (15 minutes).  


Weight choice is up to each athlete-partners are sharing bars and it needs to be a weight that the athlete can manage for 20 full seconds.


There will be variations for those that need them.