Wednesday, April 6th WOD

Warm up:  10 minute circuit

-Indoor jog



-Followed by PVC work


LV. A and B Strength:  3-Position Clean (floor, below knee, above knee)

-3 sets at each:  60%, 65%, 70%

-Snatch Pull:  3x2 at 90 and 95%

-Front Squat:  3x5 at 70%

-Good mornings:  3x5


LV. C Strength:  Clean

-8x2-pulling from above the knee

-Light weight

-Front squat:  3x5 at 70%

-Good mornings:  3x5


Conditioning:  With a partner

-30 seconds Tire flips followed by 30 seconds ‘tire jumps’

-Complete 3 rounds each


-16 Rope climbs (15’)

-Partners will alternate


-6x400m run

-Partners will alternate 400m until all 6 are completed


Post:  Yoga series x5

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