Friday, April 8th WOD

Warm up:  Coach-led BW drills and mobility (prep for OH work)


LV. A and B Strength:  Power Snatch

-3x5 at 70%

-Snatch High-Pull 3x5 at 70% (of snatch)

-Snatch Push Press + Overhead Squat 5 sets, 3 reps + 1 rep at 70% (of snatch or OHS)


LV. C Strength:  Power snatch

-3x5 at 70%


LV. A  and B Conditioning:  For time (this workout will be performed as a couplet)


-Wall balls


-Calorie row


LV. C Conditioning:  For time


-Wall balls

-Calorie Row


Post:  200m walk + foam roll and stretch

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