Tuesday, April 26th WOD

Warm up:  8 minute circuit including row, bike, and box step ups



LV. A. B and C Strength:  Power clean

-3 reps at 70, 75, 80%; 3RM

Power jerk (from the rig)

-3 reps at 60, 65, 70%; 3RM

Overhead squat

-3 reps at 70, 75, 80%; 3RM


Skill work:  Every minute for 25 minutes:

Minute 1:  DU

Minute 2:  BMU

Minute 3:  Box jumps

Minute 4:  HSPU

Minute 5:  Pistols


Athletes will need to choose strength or skill today. Coaches will work on proper skill progressions and scaled options for all athletes choosing the ‘skill’ portion.

Nick ProhaskaComment