Monday, April 11th WOD

Warm up:  2 minute jump rope, ‘top-down’ stretches/BW drills and 3 rounds of:

-10 KBS

-10 KB Thrusters



Barbell work:


-2x60%, 2x70%, 2x80%, heavy single

Clean & Jerk

-2+1x60%, 2+1x70%, 2+1x80, heavy single

Back Squat

-3x5 at 75%

Straight-leg deadlift

-3x5 at 60% (of 1RM DL)


Check out the link for a quick demo of SLDL


Conditioning:  5 rounds

-10 DB Snatch (heavy, sub KB if needed)

-100 yard sprint

-Rest is walk back


Post:  400m walk + foam roll


Nick ProhaskaComment