Monday March 7th WOD

Warm up:  800m jog + mobility, followed by a 4 minute AMRAP of:

-5, 1-arm KBS 53/35

-5 KB Snatches (per arm) 53/35 (sub lighter DB)

-10 Lateral PVC hops 24/20” (sub lower for beginners)


Skill:  Handstand progressions (10 minutes)

-Inverted holds

-Wall facing inverted holds

-Shoulder taps (against the wall or free-standing)

-Handstand walking


Conditioning:  3 sets of the following:

-3 minutes ME Calorie row

-2 minutes ME HSPU (Sub Push press at 75% of current 1RM)

-1 minute ME Pull ups (Strict or kip, no butterfly, sub banded)

-Rest 3 minutes

-Score is total reps

Post:  400m walk plus banded shoulder work

Nick ProhaskaComment