Monday March 21st WOD

Monday, March 21st 2016

Warm up: Coach-led BW drills, mobility and PVC work.



LV. A and B Strength:  Bear Complex

Every two minutes for 20 minutes complete 4 complexes of the following:

-1 Power clean

-1 Front squat

-1 Push press

-1 Back squat

-1 Push press (BTN)


Weight options for men: 135/115/95

Weight options for females:  85/65/55


LV. C Strength:  Every minute for 10 minutes perform the following:

-4 Back squats

Immediately followed by every minute for 10 minutes

-4 Thrusters


Both movements will be done from the rig

Weight options for men:  95/75/55

Weight options for women:  65/55/45


Conditioning:  Tabata

20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest

-DU (sub singles)

-Toes to bar (sub hanging knee or sit ups)

-4 minutes per skill

-1 minute rest between skills

-Score is total reps

-Focus on consistent reps/set


Post:  Cool down jog + foam roll


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