Friday April 1st WOD

Warm up:  3 rounds of the following:

-1 minute jump rope

-15 KBS, 10 Ring rows + 5 Burpees



Strength:  Weighted, walking lunges

-Athletes will build then choose a heavy weight that they can successfully complete for 20 steps

-Weight held in the front rack position

-Athletes will complete 5 sets

-Work to rest = 1:3


Conditioning:  For reps

-45 seconds ME Box jumps 24/20”

-45 seconds ME Calorie Row

-45 seconds ME DU’s (sub singles)

-45 seconds ME Burpees

-Rest 1 minute then repeat

-Score is total reps


Post:  Core challenge

-Pick one option:  Strict Toes to Rings, Around the worlds or Hollow rock

-Perform 4-5 set

Nick ProhaskaComment