Tuesday February 23rd WOD

Warm up:  1,000m row + 2 rounds, 10 reps of the following:

-Air squats, ring rows, lunges, push ups and sit ups


LV. A Strength couplet:  Pull up and dips

6 sets of the following:

-1 Strict pull up

-1 Kipping pull up

-1 Kipping chest to bar pull up

-Rest 15 seconds then perform:

-1 Strict dip

-2 Kipping dips

-Rest 45-60 seconds between sets


LV. B and C Strength couplet:

5 sets

-ME chin-over-the-bar pull ups (banded or unbanded, kipping only, no butterfly)

-ME bar or ring dips (banded or unbanded, kip)

LV. A Conditioning:  20 minute EMOM

-Even minutes:  2-4 Bar MU

-Odd minutes:  4 Power cleans 135/95


LV. B and C Conditioning:  20 minute EMOM

-Even minutes:  5 Power Cleans 115/75, 95/65, 75/55

-Odd minutes:  20 seconds ME calorie row


Post:  Yoga series x5 and stretch

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