Thursday, November 10th Open Gym

Warm up:  Stretch followed by 3 rounds of:

-2 wall walks, 10 KBS and 5 box jumps 24/20”


BB work:  Snatch

-20 minutes to establish a new 1RM SQUAT SNATCH

-Beginners will perform a 5x5 Power snatch and a 5x5 OHS (from the rig)

LV. A Conditioning:  16 minute amrap

-200m run

-10 OHS 115/85

-1 Rope climb (15’)

LV. B Conditioning:  16 minute AMRAP

-200m run

-10 OHS 95/65 (sub 75/45)

-1 Rope climb (sub 4 rope lowers)

LV. C Conditioning:  16 minute AMRAP

-200m run

-8 Goblet squats

-8 Chin ups

-10 Ab mat sit ups

Post:  Yoga series

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