Saturday January 9th Team WOD and Barbell Club

BARBELL CLUB at 8am!  Class starts at 8am with a 10-12 minute group warm up followed by 25-30 minutes of technique and strength work.  Class will also include a strength-focused conditioning workout.  



SKILLS SATURDAY at KCI!  This Saturday will include two full hours of open gym time dedicated towards coach-led skill work.  The gym will be open from 8:30-10:30am with several coaches on staff to assist with various skill work including (but not limited to) rope climbs, handstand push ups, kipping or pistols.  

There will be a 10-12 minute self-directed warm up and mobility as well as a self-directed conditioning option.  The athlete may choose to spend 20+ minutes working with a coach on their chosen skill(s).  


Email for more questions! 

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