Monday January 4th WOD

Warm up:  3 minute jump rope followed by coach-led, dynamic BW drills and mobility



Strength:  BB Complex (15 minutes)

-1 Snatch

-1 Hang snatch


Strength:  Back squat (15 minutes)



Conditioning A:  AMRAP 10 minutes

-25 Calorie Row

-15 T2B

-7 HSPU (Strict)


Conditioning B:  For time

-1,000m row

-40 T2B (sub hanging knee)

-20 Kipping HSPU (sub 40 regular push ups)


Conditioning C:  For time

-500m row

-30 Hanging knees

-30 Push ups (knees)

-3 minute jump rope

-Record time and total jump rope reps


Post:  2 minute cool down jump rope or 400m jog/walk + foam roll

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