Wednesday January 20th WOD

Warm up:  1,000m row followed by coach-led BW drills and PVC work



Strength:  Bench

-12 minutes to build


Conditioning 1:  “Benches Be Crazy”

-Against a 3 minute clock, athletes will perform a 500/400m row then ME bench press

-Weight TDB by the athlete

-Score is total pounds moved (185lbs x 25 reps = 4,625lbs)

-Festivus athletes will perform this workout as written for the Festivus Games

-Rest 3 minutes then perform:


Conditioning 2:  For time

-30 ‘Up downs’ to a lateral PVC jump  24/20”

-Use a lower jumping height on the rig (with a PVC)

-Rest and build Back squat then complete:


Strength EMOM:  BACK SQUAT CHALLENGE:  10 minutes

-Every minute on the minute perform 5 reps at Bodyweight (from the rig)

-Sub 75% of BW for Intermediate

-Sub 50% of BW for beginners


Post:  500m row or 3 minute jump rope + foam roll


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